16 inch by 24 inch canvas wrap

New Canvas Wraps Vendor!

It is like Christmas here! I get packages everyday for Lydia and my shower isn’t even until Saturday. Truly, I am touched by the generosity of family and friends!

One package came today that was completely non-baby related – my canvas wraps! I decided to set up an account with a new vendor that was recommended by a fellow photographer in Indiana, Jennifer Lynn Photography. I visited her at home to purchase some of her newborn hats and headbands (before I moved to Oklahoma), and while I was there she showed me her office which was decked out with canvas wraps from client sessions. Everything on display was, of course, beautiful! She told me she was very pleased with this particular vendor’s work and affordability; I was sold!

Buying my own canvas wraps allowed me to see just how awesome their products (and customer service, and packaging) really are. I decided to buy the 16″ x 24″ size as part of my package (3 total canvas wraps: two 16″ x 16″ and one 16″ x 24″) so clients can see what it looks like hanging on a wall. It sounds HUGE, but really it’s just the right size to make the most of the high ceilings in my living room!16 inch by 24 inch canvas wrap

The color accuracy, resolution, and clean corners/edges are what really impress me about these canvas wraps. The resolution won’t be quite as high as in prints because of the texture of the canvas, but you can still see detail like eyelashes and hair strands!canvas wrap grouping two 16 inch squares and one 16 by 24 inch

Here is the whole set. There are some suggested groupings on the vendor’s website, but I am particular and I knew exactly what I wanted..after all, it has been over 5 years since these pictures were taken 🙂  By the way, I wouldn’t recommend waiting that long!canvas wrap clean cornersYou can see how clean the edges and corners are here.canvas wrap ready to handThe best part is, they come ready to hang!

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