custom birth announcements from Mary Thomas Photography

Birth Announcements Debut!

custom birth announcements from Mary Thomas PhotographyAs promised, I am officially posting Lydia’s birth announcements! In the above photo collage you can see how spot-on the color is and you can get an idea of the thickness (compared to a penny). You can compare these photographs of the final prints to the original artwork from this post to get some idea of the color accuracy.

I spared no effort finding a professional printing company! My requirements were pretty rigid; I want to offer clients the best rendition of my custom-designed birth announcements. I also wanted to offer full-color, double-sided birth announcements on quality paper at a reasonable price. The quality to value ratio is so important because it translates savings to YOU without sacrificing quality.

Customer service is also a HUGE determining factor when I choose a vendor. This is especially true for birth announcements because I need to resolve any issues in a timely manner because an announcement with newborn pictures isn’t so fun to send out when Baby is already 4-months old! Not only was I notified that my package would arrive 2 whole days early, I also received TWICE as many birth announcements than I expected! This might have been an error on their part, but it still slants my bias in their favor 🙂

Overall, I am super happy I found a printer I can trust with the designs I work so hard to create. In an upcoming post I will let you know exactly how I work with you to come up with your unique design. As you can probably tell, I am over-the-moon excited to be offering custom-designed birth announcements! After years of getting comfortable with photo-editing software (I am self-taught), I am stepping out of my comfort zone to find a new way of making the most of my crafted photographs. Take advantage of my new-found passion and let me design totally unique birth announcements for you!

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