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3 Reasons to Book Early

I’m so excited that it’s almost April, because that means…April babies! I recently indulged in a mini- Etsy shopping spree to prepare for a little girl due to arrive at my studio towards the end of the month and it got me thinking. So many people procrastinate and decide to book a newborn photographer at the very last minute. Having recently had a baby, I totally understand all the hustle and bustle of nesting and sticking to a prioritized task list because there is NEVER enough time to do everything on that list and you are ALWAYS exhausted, but booking your newborn session early does have a few advantages.

1. Scheduling – Weekends are prime real estate on a newborn photographer’s calendar. Grandparents are available to watch older siblings and Dad is available to either help corral kids or carry the car seat carrier, and is available for pictures with his newest love. There are usually only 4 weekends in a single month and you are likely not to be the only client scheduled for that month. Also keep in mind that most photographers generously carve out up to 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date because babies can’t read calendars; they might not take on as many bookings as you might think and even if they do those weekend slots are likely the first to go 😉 Not to mention, photographers might plan social events and special time with their families on the weekend for the same reasons listed above!

2. Prop Buying– Most props that I use in my studio are handmade. Some orders can take as long as 3 weeks to be processed and shipped. I’m still building my collection of props, so I spend a portion of your deposit on props for your session! Take advantage and tell me what you are looking for and give me time to oblige 🙂 Props in this set were recently purchased from my talented friend over at 4BetsyDesigns and were made especially for an upcoming and camo newborn photography props Mary Thomas Photography

3. Planning– I like to think I have a certain style that potential clients like and that is what motivates them to hire me. But there are still times when what I have in mind for a shoot isn’t exactly what my client wants. To make sure my client loves my set-ups and props, I send pictures of what I had in mind and get their feedback. Since we are all busy, this correspondence takes time. Without the luxury of time, I can’t tweak my ideas to match your vision for the perfect shoot.

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